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The World Atlas of Whisky is a comprehensive guide that will replace the
amateur and connoisseur with a whole arsenal of books about whiskey. The book
introduces the history of this drink, whiskeys, the production process, terminology
and characteristics of the worlds whiskey brands. This full study of the most
diverse of strong spirits glorifies the richness and perfection of bouquets and the
skill of performing the best brands of whiskey.
The book describes in detail all Scotch whiskey. Close attention is paid to
the distilleries of Ireland, Japan, the USA, Canada and other countries producing
whiskey. In Atlas there are 24 detailed color maps of the countries and regions in
which this drink is made, single malt whiskeys from Aberfeldyflo Yamazaki,
outstanding blends from Johnnie Walker to Hibiki, as well as the best bourbon and
rye whiskey from Buffalo Trace to Wild Turkey. You will also find tasting notes
about more than 350 samples of whiskey.
Composite cover “Bradel”, handmade binding is made of a combination of
natural leathers (leather “Robat Maronne”, leather “Gabbiacamoscio”, leather
“Troppopienoluminoso” produced by the Italian tannery “Benericetti”). The cover
of the book is two-level, decorated with a combination of deep embroidered and
embossed gold embossing (the “Luxor 240″ foil is used), decorated with gold-
plated legs (4 pieces) and brass hollyenas. The block is manually polished, painted
and gilded with gold leaf. The stand of the author’s design ” Barrel ” is decorated in
the style of the book and inside it is covered with Italian cotton-velvet.
Certificate. Velvet cover.
Number of pages – 336.
The weight of the book is 1.6 kg.
The book dimensions are 240x297x45mm.
The weight of the set is 3.8 kg.
The dimensions of the set are 325x360x250mm.

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